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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Torrey Moseley! Thanks for joining the Descriptive Sketch Challenge!

Torrey, love, love, love your card!  AND your tip about coloring on Kraft!  What a look!  So energetic, so colorful, so playful! All I can say is "wow!!"!  And "thanks!!"!  I hope you had fun creating, I know I've had fun viewing your lovely creation!  (ps. your blog is awesome too!)  Check out Torrey's blog!


  1. Thanks, Christine!!! Oh, and I added a bit more "bling" to the card so it will look a little different when you go to my blog. I just never know when to stop...but I think I'm done with it. HAHAHAHA.

  2. Um, and you want the REST of us to make a card and compete with this?! Please.. I would look like a 5 yr old did it compared to these mad art skills!

    I know. I know.. no stupid questions.. but seriously.. I feel like such a noob - What's a digital stamp?!

  3. your card is so amazing, Torrey! i hear ya, Cyndi! my card will in no way compare to Torrey's! but i will load it up anyway, when complete! my understanding of digital stamps is that they are like digital brushes, you buy them, load them to your computer, open them in a program like Photoshop, open a project, and "stamp" or apply the image to your project. does that sound right to you, Torrey?

  4. You got it, Christine. Digital stamps are simply black and white digital line drawing images that usually come in either .jpeg or .png format. There are TONS of digital stamp companies out there with online shops to buy their stamps. I often make my own in Photoshop from images/photos.

    The WONDERFUL things about a digital stamp is that a) you don't have to store it in a box, b) you can make it ANY size you want, c) you can alter them by combining/layering them into beautiful complex creations. Then you position the image where you want on your blank page and print it out. So much more versatile than wooden/acrylic stamping.

    Now...firstly, thank you for your compliments. Truly. As to your reluctance to participate in this challenge. We all know it's about personal expression--NOT "keeping up with the Joneses". Please don't feel intimidated. It's all about creating and having fun! I've been a papercrafting artist for a LONG time, but I'm still learning too. There are artists out there who blow my mind...they are my muses, my inspiration--not my competition!

  5. You are humbling Torrey! I was more "joking" about the competition, but um... then I wasn't.. ya know?! =) I JUST learned how to color in stamps with pencils and thinner or something.. totally FUN.

    I have a hard time finding STAMPS that I feel I can totally COLOR and love. I am wondering if maybe digital is the way to go. Then you just need a good printer.

    Do either of you have a printer you love since you both do digi stuff? Ours is OLD and horrific, and I would love a Large Format (12X12 ability) but maybe not necessary....

  6. I have an Epson Photo R200 printer. It's just a normal size printer. When it was new, it was well under $100. It's a few years old, but I love, Love, LOVE it! I have abused the heck out of it too...I put stuff through my printer that you wouldn't believe--wood, fabric, ribbon, metal, cork...if it's flat and flexible, I'll try it (though I'm sure the folks at Epson would CRINGE if they knew).

    I know that Copics markers are all the rage for coloring...and yes, I have a set...but to be honest I prefer colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits for blending (also called "Gamsol" by brand name...though it's much CHEAPER if you buy it in its generic 'brush cleaner' form). I really should blow the dust off my beautiful Copics...really should...but DANG, I LOVE colored pencils.