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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

projects to load! need to take photos!

i have been doing some crafting, i need to photo the projects!  but some i can't load...yet.

what are you working on?  a card a week?  :-)

speaking of which, my email was a bit crazy last week, if you completed a card and i haven't loaded it here, let me know!  i'd hate to miss any of your lovely creations!


  1. I actually got to go to an art festival over the, fun, fun and inspiration GALORE! I made a couple of cards this week and posted them on my blog. One was a "pick-me-up" card for my cousin, the other was in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. So whatchu been up to?

  2. Torrey that sounds like fun! Your card for your cousin sounds wonderful! I am crafting, here and there, when I can. I have some stuff to load, but I am behind on my pictures. I am loading a card now tho!