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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Got my card done!

Ok, well I made it in Photoshop.  Need to print it.  Saved it as a Photoshop file in my computer, so I can tweak it up a bit before printing.  That's one thing I love about making cards in Photoshop, I can save a file, go back in another day, and see things I didn't see prior, that I want to change up.  Such as adding dimension, changing text sizes or colors, or fonts, etc...

So, here it is, let me see yours! 


  1. not sure why that red looks a little blurry, it's perfect in Photoshop! thanks for dropping by!

  2. LOVE it! It's sort of along the lines of what I was thinking of doing, but I was hoping to be a bit Patterny. I won't be getting this done in TIME, but I am going to send you one when I finish.. even if it's late. =)

  3. thanks, Cyndi! can't wait to see yours!