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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mass production of holiday card project, next steps/tutorial!

Moving right along with this process, of making mass quantities of  hand made holiday cards!  (see prior posts on blog for earlier steps in tutorial).

Today, we are on step 7.  Adding a sentiment.  Now there are many ways you can do this.  You can stamp individual sentiments, use sentiment stickers, (SRM Stickers makes WONDERFUL sticker sentiments for cardmaking!), cut sentiments from patterned paper, use die-cut sentiments, really anything that you like!

For my cards, I used Microsoft Word, chose a font (Georgia) and a size (22) a color (black), and printed a sentiment over and over on white inexpensive cardstock (Sam's Club).  Then I used my Tonic Trimmer, and cute each sentiment in a long strip.  The sentiments are spaced approx. 1" apart on the sheet, so I trimmed them kind of close, just above the sentiment and just below.

Next, I held them up to each individual card, and eyeballed the sizing for the strip.  I cut close near the right end of the sentiment strip (to the sentiment) and on the left side, I cut a bit further away, then made a notched cut in the end for fun!

I adhered these to my cards using adhesive runner (Therm o Web).  And voila, sentiments are added!  Some of my cards don't require sentiments because they were already built into the main image when printed.

I am using a long table and basically grouping my cards in sets of 5, if I give the cards as gifts, I will cello bag up each set of 5.  Also, if I donate cards, I would do the same.  So in each set of 5, I have the same main image, but the paper configuration is a bit different for variety. 

Here are some images of my cards in progress. 

The next steps will involve ensuring everything is adhered nice and tight, adding any extra adhesive necessary, then I will move onto embellishment.  I am keeping it super simple.  I am thinking maybe a gem here and there, maybe some Stickles, just a touch of something fun, but nothing too involved.

I will be doing this soon, and posting some pics.  Then, I will bag some of these into cello bags, including envelopes, and wrapping each bag with raffia. 

Pictures coming!  I'd love to see what you are working on!  Leave me a comment, link, I'd love to hear your ideas, tips, etc.! 

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