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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

yay! two cards completed!

I have decided that even when I do not feel creative, I still need to find time to craft.  It really helps me in the long run, it is a great stress releasing exercise, and an "escape".  It helps clear my mind, and aids me in refocusing.  So here's to crafting, and working HARD to find time to do it!  I made these two cards this week, and it was FUN!  As always, love the SRM!  Thanks for looking, thanks for dropping by, and link me to your creations!  I'd love to see!  :) 


  1. Boy, for someone who isn't feeling creative...LOVE these cards! Great backgrounds on both :) I won't be sharing until tomorrow (scheduled post) but wanted to pop in to say "HEY!" Have a great day xo

    1. thanks, Margie! that means so much to me! can't wait to see your work! let me know! xox

  2. Wow! Cards look fantastic as always. I'm always looking for a new way to use butterfies. I have a lot of them and never really know how to position them on a card. Great job on a "non-creative" day. And I agree with you... even if you don't "feel the spirit", just doing something creative keeps you going. :)

  3. these are awesome!!!
    so professional!
    you really should either sell your cards
    or you could do the "world needs more love letters site" and leave them out and about around town!