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Monday, May 7, 2012

Crafting tomorrow!

Yes, I'm pretty excited, it's been waaaay too long!  Meeting my great friend Tara, and working on some cards, while our girls are doing schoolwork!  I need two fresh birthday cards, so that's where I'll start!  What's new, and what crafty projects are you working on?  Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Oh how fun! I never had the pleasure of meeting Tara but I know she is uber talented like you are! Share when you get a chance :)

    Working on a couple of layouts - trying to recover from NSD! LOL!!

    1. thanks, Margie! I made two cards, and I am so excited I have been on such a crafting dry spell, it feels good to create! I will post, but I think tonight I will try to make more and add to the first two! I'd love to see your layouts! Thanks for coming over, I am so behind in blogging and reading blogs too! xoxoxox