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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Changing the challenge to a card a week! Check out Torrey M.'s card!!

So, I reeeeally tried to do a card a day.  But well, life is crazy busy, so we are switchin' the plan up to card a week.  Wanna join in?  I'd love to see your cards!  Speaking of which, Torrey M. makes gorgeous cards, and made this vibrant, lovely design for the card a week challenge!  You've gotta go check out her blog.....her cards inspire me!  So, thanks, Torrey for making this wonderful design!


  1. Now you tell me...! LOL! It is crazy out there and I did try. I couldn't tonight...but I definitely can do a card a week. I've tried to enter several challenges a week and even that can be hard to keep up with, KWIM? Torrey's card is so beautiful...I adore that sweet angel. And the flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oh, btw, you can check out my blog showing the newest cards I posted today...
    Hope you like 'em!

  3. I hear ya, Sharon! I am in total agreement with you. Do you mind if I put up a link here to your blog and your cards? :-)