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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

World Cardmaking Contest, are you in?

I'm on the fence......someone give me a push one way or the other, ok?  The reason I'm on the fence and not a for sure "yes", is my creative mojo packed its bags and took off the other day ago!  I'd love to hear if you are doing the contest, it's a great one for sure! World Cardmaking Day Contest


  1. Don't make me come over and push you off that fence!! Find that bag - it can't be too far off! Hard to concentrate with the beautiful weather tho - it'll come back :)

  2. Hmmm...tell ya what, Christine. I know what you mean about missing mojo...mine was on hiatus for a LOOOOOONG time. I've decided the only way to get it back is to sit down and CREATE. I'm game to try this contest. I'm thinking a "hello" card would be good for me, since that basically gives me carte blanche to do whatever tickles my fancy. Come on...just DO EET!!!